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The Primo Medical Group team is keenly aware that continuous improvement is the key to developing robust processes, eliminating waste and delivering real value to our customers' projects and products. Utilizing lean manufacturing principles and design for manufacturability concepts, Primo Medical Group is committed to providing high quality products at the right price, delivered on-time. We are dedicated to partnering with our customers to assure that all specifications are achieved and project expectations are exceeded.

Embracing industry-recognized process improvement tools such as continuous flow, mistake-proofing, structured problem solving, 5S workplace organization and changeover reduction, Primo Medical Group is devoted to developing efficient processes that result in products to solve our customers' challenges. Primo Medical Group has made investments in the business to support company-wide continuous improvement activities. In a collaborative effort with your development experts and our lean-trained engineers, Primo Medical Group will work to streamline your product development and manufacturing needs with the ultimate goal to bring every project and new product to a mutually successful conclusion.


Primo Medical Group has shown its dedication to continuous improvement through company-wide formal training in lean manufacturing. More than just class time, each training event focuses on an actual Primo Medical Group process that can be improved through the reduction of non-value adding activities. Training events include:

  • Introduction to lean manufacturing; an all-day class for all employees.
  • Designing work cells for continuous flow.
  • Set-up and changeover reduction.

Increasing the lean knowledgebase of our employees eliminates waste from our processes and creates the opportunity for our company to pass this value along to our customers in the form of increased quality, reduced lead-times and decreased prices.

Training Grant:

Primo Medical Group was awarded a grant from Commonwealth of Massachusetts for lean manufacturing and continuous improvement training.

Lean Certified Employees:

Andrew Lofgren; Dan Massucco; Dave Perry; Ed Lambert; Joao Teixeira; Dennis Kosh